Eine Frau tanzt vor einem See. Sie trägt einen nachhaltigen luftigen Kimono.

Let her breathe – healthy vagina

When it comes to intimate health, many women forget how important it is to choose the right clothes and underwear. Thongs, scratchy lace or skinny jeans can cause problems. Friction, sweat, poor ventilation or tight seams can all contribute to infections. Especially if you have to deal with cystitis or a vaginal yeast infection from time to time, you should look for comfortable cuts and breathable materials next time you go shopping.

"What you wear close to your body should be extra skin-friendly.”

What kind of panties are good for your body?

"Loose granny panties made of 100% cotton are the most tolerable", a gynaecologist told us. That´s not your cup of tea? Understandable. But don't worry, there are other options.

Breathable fabrics and comfortable cuts are especially good for your vagina. Comfortably cut panties made of airy natural fibres like silk or Tencel are also available in sensual feminine designs and fun pastel colours.

Beware of jeans

The seams of jeans can cause problems due to pressure and friction. If moisture accumulates due to the lack of ventilation, infections are also more likely to occur. So go for airy skirts instead of jeans more often.

Going commando? Yes, of course.

Your vagina is happy to get some fresh air. Especially in spring and summer, avoid wearing panties at night and wear a light nightgown or loose pyjama pants instead.

Intimate hygiene – but don't overdo it

After sports or a day at the lake, a refreshing shower is good – but it's better to avoid aggressive soaps or shower gels on your intimate parts. They can upset the natural balance of the vaginal flora. Water is enough to keep your intimates fresh and clean.

Gentle detergent

A gentle detergent is sufficient when washing your underwear. It is better to avoid additional fabric softeners or harsh chemicals.