Nahaufnahme eines Frauenrückens. Sie trägt nachhaltige Lingerie aus Seide
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9 tricks – how to care for silk lingerie

Do you love delicate silk lingerie? With these tips you can enjoy your favourite lingerie for a long time.

  1. Wash gently by hand
    Hand wash your silk lingerie in lukewarm water. Use a mild detergent and let it soak for a short while. Rinse out the detergent.
  2. Machine wash
    We recommend washing silk by hand – especially very delicate pieces. If hand washing is not an option for you, separate your silk pieces by color and place your silk garments in a laundry bag. Use a mild detergent specifically formulated for silk. Your washing machine should be set to a gentle program with low heat and low agitation.
  3. Wash your bras regularly
    Wash your bras regularly – especially in summer when you are sweating more. Sweat can damage the fabric fibres in the long run and the bra will lose its shape more quickly.
  4. Dry cleaning
    Your favourite silk pyjama has a big stain? We recommend bringing heavily stained pieces to a professional dry cleaning service. Take them to the dry cleaner as soon as you notice the stain. If the stains are older and have even been washed hot already, it will be difficult to remove them.
  5. Separate colours
    Sort your silk laundry before washing and wash similar colours together. As it is a natural fibre, the colors could bleed out. This is normal. Pieces that have been dyed with natural dyes might slightly change colours or fade out over time.
  6. Water temperature
    Always wash your silk garments in cold or lukewarm water. Silk is a protein-based fibre. Hot water can cause permanent damage – it could cause silk to lose its lustre.
  7. Drying
    Do not squeeze or wring out your silk lingerie as this can damage the fibres. Instead, gently pat your silk lingerie between two towels to squeeze out excess water. Lay them flat on a towel and allow them to air dry. Avoid the tumble dryer and direct sunlight.
  8. Ironing
    You can iron your silk lingerie without any problems. It is best to iron them when they are still slightly damp. Turn them inside out and iron them at a low temperature.
  9. Storage
    Large items such as silk loungewear can be stored on padded hangers. Bralettes or panties are best stored flat in a box or drawer. This will help the clothes to beautifully keep their form over time.